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DAMTRA participates in tenders organized by the EU, the WB and the African Development Bank for the supply of goods and services mainly in the Maghreb and the Middle East and  generally in Africa. With the long experience gained by the partners,  DAMTRA aims to gradually enter the world of tenders  and to become, in a short time, a point of reference between the international trading companies operating in Italy / Europe / world.
The engineering background of the partners applied to the preparation of the bids and to  the management of the contracts along with the methodological tools that they developed, systematically implement the countermeasures and/or the actions needed  to avoid or minimize critical hindrances. 

DAMTRA is a company for international trading that aims to participate in tenders for the supply of goods (mainly IT) in developing countries, focusing on the Mediterranean and the Middle East areas, which statistically are eligible for increased funding
This objective is realized through 5 stages:
1. Analysis of the global market and the opportunities in the macro- areas;
2. Identification of the tenders in which to participate;
3. Identification of commercial partners and common references (for both the offer of the material and the services of  installation and after-sales );
4. Preparation of the commercial, administrative and financial offer;
5. Presentation of the offer.

In case of assignment of supply agreement, DAMTRA will handle all the steps for the implementation of the contract, as follows:
1. Sending the administrative documentation included along with the contract;
2. Purchasing the goods;
3. Dispatching the same goods to the beneficiary;
4. Installing and  obtaining the certificates of provisional acceptance of the goods;
5. Providing after sales services through reliable local partners

DAMTRA will undertake to respect the commitment with the suppliers either in terms of payment (advances, delays, deadlines) or in terms of continuity of the relationship, and will show all the available business opportunities.
By experience, the business of international trading cannot be successful or sustainable if this relationship of trust and mutual respect isnít  maintained by both sides. 

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